Fluorite- Crich Quarry, Derbyshire

Fluorite- Crich Quarry, Derbyshire

SKU : TM1603

yellow Fluorite- Crich Quarry, Crich, Derbyshire, England, UK

Cab: 110 x68 x48mm.

A wonderful mustard yellow Fluorite aggregate of cubed crystals.

This material is from a one time find in the quarry, in the Glory Hole Mine area, where it was found to be fluorescent in long wave UV.

Until recently (*2020) as a rule, it was believed that fluorite from Derbyshire DOES NOT usually fluoresce. That's what makes this great coloured fluorite so rare and desirable. It fluoresces with a bright cream to pale yellow colour.
An excellent specimen with a rich bright colour and little damage to the crystals.


* see my article in the British Micromount Society Newsletter  #113 June 2021