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Malachite - Anhui, China

Malachite - Anhui, China

SKU : TM244d

Chatoyant Malachite 

Liufengshan Mine, Guichi District, Chizhou, Anhui, China

cabinet sized specimen   76 x 60 x 51mm


This is an eyecatching malachite specimen displaying a silky chatoyant habit of fibrous crystals, layered and entwined tightly over the matrix, where the light seems to dance along the silky fibres giving flashes of bright then deep emerald green colours depending on how you move the specimen.


The majority of malachite from this mine are of a mammilated - botryoidal silky crystal habit, so these latest finds (2023-4) just appearing on the market are highly unusual and very reminiscent of the similar African material.


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