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Marcasite on Calcite - Sauerland

Marcasite on Calcite - Sauerland

SKU : TM244c

Marcasite on Calcite -

Westenfeld Quarry, Sundern, Hochsauerlandkreis, Arnsberg,

Sauerland (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany

55 x 27 x 34mm approx.


A superb rosette of Marcasite crystals adorn this single scalenohedral tan coloured Calcite crystal..


The calcite itself has a sandy type of texture, which seems to be made of thousands of calcite rhombs like scales totally covering the surface, whilst the well crystallised Marcasite rosette, made up of many crystals, sits on it like a jewel, glinting with a blue-petrol green irridescence, contrasting beautifully against the sandy tan of its calcite host.


A definate stand out in any display and an aesthetic combination specimen.

The Marcasite rosette is approximately 10 x 9mm.

The specimen comes mounted in a perspex box for display.


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